About LuciLife

Meet Luci

Luci is your personal guide to creating a smart, safe environment for you and your family. Desgined to guide you through the process, Luci is a home safety expert that helps you create your own home security solutions. Whether your goal is to live more independently or to help care for a family member, Luci has an easy-to-use solution designed for you.

How does Luci help you?

Why we do what we do


Because falls happen more often than you think

33% of adults over the age of 65 will fall this year. Sadly, those who fall once are three times more likely to fall again. With a LuciGo! Wellness, help is instantly available with the press of a button. No more worry about if you or a loved one can get to a phone or call for help.


Because those with memory issues still deserve independence

Three out of five of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s struggle with wandering away from home. LuciLife has GPS capabilities to help you find your loved one in case the unthinkable happens. Caretakers can also set an electronic fence with the device and are notified when their loved ones leave that range.


Because we don’t want you or your loved one to wait for help

Over 30% of fall victims wait over an hour for help. LuciGo! Wellness contains a fall-detection feature that alerts up to five contacts during a fall, even if they can’t call for help. Considering LuciGo! Wellness is also shower-safe, you or your loved ones can stay safe no matter where a fall occurs.


Because most falls happen at home

Since seniors spend the majority of time in or around their home, that is also where the most falls occur. According to the Center for Disease Control, one out of five falls results in a serious injury such as a brain injury or broken bones. Every year, nearly three million seniors are treated in emergency rooms for fall related injuries, costing $31 billion annually. With LuciLife, you can rest assured that if a fall were to happen in your home, you would have the help you need.


Because everyone deserves to live life on their terms

The Center for Disease Control reports that just the fear of falling makes seniors cut down on their household duties and social life. LuciLife allows individuals to age on their terms and in the environment they choose. They can resume a level of independence knowing that they are backed with the safety and security of LuciLife.