SAVE BIG with up to 50% off LuciLife Monitoring Services! - LuciLife

SAVE BIG with up to 50% off LuciLife Monitoring Services!

LuciTip Get Checked to Prevent Falls
LuciTip: Get Checked!
September 27, 2017
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SAVE BIG with up to 50% off LuciLife Monitoring Services!

Medical Alert System LuciLife Fall Sale

Want to save money while protecting you and your loved ones?  You can with the LuciLife Fall Super Sale!  So how does it work?  Just like our products, it’s super easy.


STEP ONE: Find the best product for you or your loved ones

You can choose between the LuciGo! Wellness pendant that is perfect for active seniors who spend a lot of time away from their home. Our other option is the LuciHome! Wellness system for seniors that need more protection at home.  

Which one is the best fit for you?

LuciGo! Wellness: 

The LuciGo! Wellness pendant is designed for people who are frequently away from their home. The pendant is a mobile medical alert device that’s incredibly portable and simple to use. Using the AT&T nationwide network our pendent works almost anywhere in the nation.  With two-way-voice communications, GPS tracking constantly updating our monitoring center with your current location, and automatic fall detection, you can feel confident you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

At the press of a button, you or your loved one can connect with our trained monitoring agents using the built in two-way voice communications, just like a cell phone.  Our pendant is simple to use and is water resistant for use in the rain or even in the shower.  Place it around your neck using the included strap or drop it in your pocket, the pendant can be worn multiple ways. It’s so small, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Our simple charging dock makes it easy to keep your battery fresh and you or your loved ones monitored.

LuciHome! Wellness:

The LuciHome! Wellness works in your home and can be easily expanded to add safety features into almost any room in your house. We have two convenient options: our landline version that connects to your own home telephone line or the cellular option that connects to a cellular network (just like your cell phone).

This device connects you or your loved on to our 24/7 monitoring center and supports up to 20 accessories like our automatic fall detection pendant and stationary panic button.  The LuciHome! Wellness also includes two-way audio communication that allows residents to connect to our LuciLife monitoring center and an easy-to-use emergency button.


STEP TWO: Select the monitoring package right for you!  

Our monitoring systems are working 24/7 to protect you and your loved ones.  All of our subscription options come with our satisfaction guarantee and either a month-to-month package or an annual agreement, whichever you prefer.  We never want to lock you into a service you don’t love or a long-term agreement you don’t want.  

  • Independence Package: Our monthly package comes with no contracts and no hassle. You simply pay a one-time activation fee, as well as shipping, and your device will be monitored 24/7 by our state-of-the-art monitoring center. Choose your device to see our payment options with our fall special!
  • Freedom Package:  Our Freedom Package is charged each quarter and comes with bonus FREE shipping and FREE activation. Choose your device to see our payment options with our fall special!
  • Annual Preferred Package: Our Annual Preferred Package comes with FREE shipping, FREE activation, and an entire year of 24/7 monitoring for your devices.  Choose your device to see our payment options with our fall special!


STEP THREE: Enjoy a happy and independent life, backed by the security of #LuciLife

LuciLife is dedicated to making lives safer and easier for those wanting independence for themselves or their loved ones.  Now, LuciLife is making it even easier (and cheaper!) to get set up with our lifesaving emergency medical systems.


Do you have any questions about our products, our services, or what you can expect with LuciLife?  Give us a call anytime at 844.797.0825. or you can use our contact form to send us a message.