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LuciGo! Wellness Pendant
July 6, 2017
Fall Detection Pendant *
July 10, 2017
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Pendant *


* Requires the LuciHome! Wellness Base product to function.

An additional emergency pendant that can be worn via lanyard or slipped into a pocket. Comes with an additional easy-charging dock so no fidgeting with wires and plug ins.  The same protection of your existing medical alert pendant with access to our 24/7 monitoring.

Compact, user-friendly, modern design, wireless emergency button for use with LuciHome! Wellness Base. Its features include:

  • Lightweight, portable, and attachable to various accessories such as a breakaway lanyard, key-ring, or wristband
  • Medical alarm notification to a central monitoring station via the Control Panel
  • Ultra high RF range
  • LED indication of alarm reception status
  • Sealed for water and dust resistance
  • Internal battery with long life cycle
  • Configurable press duration
  • Supports automatic over-the-air software (RSU) programming and configuration upgrade
  • Accessories include:
    • Lanyard
    • Wristband



  • Maximum RF range: 400 m (1312 ft.) open air
  • Protocols: Proprietary bi-directional radio protocol
  • Modulation and frequency: FSK modulation
  • 916.5 MHz (in North America and Australia)
  • Data security:32-bit ID, over 4 billion combinations



  • Batteries: Internal (not replaceable) Lithium 3V CR2025
  • Battery life: Up to 5 years



  • Size: H: 14.5 mm (0.6 in.), L: 53.2 mm (2.1 in.), W: 31.5 mm (1.24 in.)
  • Weight: 16 g (0.56 oz.) including battery and excluding accessories



  • Operating ambient temperature range: 0oC – +49oC (+32oF – +120oF)
  • Storage ambient temperature range: -20oC – +60oC (-4oF – +140oF)
  • Water and dust resistant: IP67 compliant



  • CE, FCC, IC, UL
  • EN 50134-2, EN 50134-3, and 50134-5
  • AS4607


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