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LuciHome! Wellness products are designed to improve the independence of people who are primarily home-based. We have options to suit all levels of mobility from the active person to voice-activated units that allow you to get assistance, even when you can’t press a button.


Our devices feature an easy-to-press emergency button and pendant, and two-way voice communication so we can talk to you directly through the system. Caretakers and family members can also call our specialists if they have concerns or questions.

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Independence Package

$49.95/Per Month

Our no hassle Monthly package. Simply order your device and pay monthly for access to our 24/7 monitoring services and senior-sensitive operators. Pay a one time Activation and Shipping fee and your ongoing monthly fee is $49.95.

Freedom Package

$49.95/Per Month

Select our quarterly package to receive Free shipping and activation with your order. Your ongoing quarterly payment is $149.85.

Annual Preferred Package

$44.95/Per Month

Free shipping and activation and a reduced monthly rate of only $44.95 when you commit to our annual agreement. An entire year of 24/7 monitoring for your LuciHome! Wellness device. Just pay your first month now and then $44.95 each month.

LuciHome! Wellness.


The LuciHome! Wellness control panel is your lifeline to our support center and the communications hub for all your accessories. The control panel supports up to 20 accessories such as cameras, door/window sensors, and smoke detectors. The control panel also includes a main emergency button and a two-way audio communication capability for the service provider to communicate with the resident.

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for more information of complete this form to have a specialist contact you for a no-obligation personal evaluation.

What our customers say.

  • Shannon

    I purchased LuciGo! Wellness for my aunt and uncle. My uncle has serious balance issues and has fallen multiple times. This product has provided my aunt with the peace of mind and comfort to be able to leave my uncle at home to get things done, knowing if anything happens he is the push of a button away from help. It has provided renewed independance for my uncle and my aunt. He no longer has to go on errands that he has no interest in and he can stay home alone. Now, my aunt no longer feels chained to the house. I would highly recommend this product for anyone needing extra help so they can age in the comfort of their home and routines.

    South Carolina
  • Maryellen

    My husband and I received LuciHome! Wellness from a relative after a visit where they saw first hand how much my husband's mobility had declined. We are now in our 70's and unfortunately things are getting more difficult. My husband had become very depressed as he could no longer work in the yard and do the things he wanted around the house on his own, because of the fear of falling. With LuciHome! Wellness he has gained back some of his independance. I also have a renewed sense of freedom as I know that if he falls help is on the way and I don't have to watch him like a hawk.


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