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Aging in America

In 2014, there were 46 million Americans who were 65 and older, making up approximately 15% of the population. That number is expected to grow to 74 million by 2030. As Americans are enjoying longer lifespans, the senior population is steadily rising. Thanks to an increase in access to healthcare for seniors and advances in modern medicine, Americans are able to enjoy their golden years, longer.

As seniors live longer, many want to maintain their independence, stay in their home, and still be participants in their community. LuciLife makes this easier with a wide range of high-tech, easy-to-use products from pendant-style emergency alert systems that you can take on-the-go, to home-based monitoring systems. These products are designed to help you maintain your lifestyle, for longer.

Is a medical alert system right for you?

Do you want your independence?

Are your loved ones worried about you? The peace of mind from a medical alert system can provide them with the confidence to let you age in your own home and maintain your independence. LuciLife provides 24/7 monitoring both at home and on-the-go to keep you safe and give your loved ones peace-of-mind.

Do you easily get lost or confused?

Do once-familiar places seem foreign to you or do you have more trouble now navigating around your neighborhood? This may make it harder to live independently or receive help outside the home.
LuciLife Go! Has a built-in GPS tracker that can tell our operators where you are if you are lost or confused.

Have you previously fallen?

Unfortunately, a previous fall is a risk factor for another one. Research has shown that of the seniors who had fallen in the past year, at least half of them fall two or more times.
LuciLife Go! Makes getting help easy with the touch of a button. LuciLife Home! Features fall detection sensors that alerts help, even if you can’t.

Do you have balance issues?

Risk factors like certain medications, failing eyesight, lower muscle tone, stairs in the home, physical disabilities, and even pets increase the chance that you could fall in your own home.
Speaking of medication, did you know that LuciLife also has medication reminder calls? You can set them for the frequency that you want from daily, weekly, or even monthly reminders.

Do you live alone?

Living alone can mean help won’t arrive quickly if you were to fall and be unable to get up or call for help. The longer you have to wait for help, the more likely it is that you won’t be able to live independently after the fall.
With our Daily Wellness Checks, speak to a live person every day to remind you to take medicine, see how you’re doing, and generally check in with you.

Have family and friends moved away?

If you don’t have a nearby support system, it may be harder to get help in a medical or physical emergency. Especially if you don’t have a regular routine, it would be harder for someone to notice if you haven’t shown up for water aerobics or miss a lunch date.
Even if loved ones aren’t nearby, they can be alerted via text or phone call if you have an emergency with both the LuciGo! Wellness and LuciHome! Wellness.

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Is a medical alert system right for you?

As you begin to age, it’s important to have a conversation with your loved ones about your future care. Do you want the independence and autonomy of aging in your own home? Or would an assisted living center or senior housing be a better option? Many factors including your health, financial considerations, your loved one’s ability to care for you, and your own opinion are all factors to consider when making this decision.

However, it’s important to note that technological advances now make it easier to age in your own home and maintain your independence. LuciLife allows you to design your safety solutions with mix-and-match products and accessories. With 24/7 monitoring by senior-sensitive staff, our products provide a built-in support system for you and your loved ones.